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Monday, 4 March 2013

dyxz . rndr - european tour - now booking

gentle readers, might we take this moment to announce what shall surely become a legendary tale of occult proportions, and reveal the twin powers of the almighty dyxz of the skribble family and my own humble self, will be darkening doors all across europe as we begin booking shows for our first collaboratory tour together, having uttered our first blackened drones in unison at the shiny toys festival in the ruhrgebiet last autumn.

no territories should consider themselves safe as contacts are being made to spread our sinister tones as far and wide across the lands of the old world as possible. be sure to expect the full gambit of our expertise; spanning our own joint musical endevours, solo works from myself and the unrelenting dj prowess of dyxz himself. be sure to find yourself in attendance at the performance nearest your town, and please, if you can, help us to make sure there will be a performance near your town too.

the darkening awaits

keep safe


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